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Write To Me

Minningabók Barnsins | Your First 5 Years (Í Kassa)

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Color — Blush

Skráðu fyrsta skrefið, fyrstu orðin, fyrstu tönnina, fyrsta afmælið og mörg fleiri augnablik með þessari fallegu  barnadagbók sem kemur í minjaboxi. Með góðu plássi fyrir minningar, myndir frá fyrir fæðingu og yfir fyrstu fimm árin. Bókin er kynjahlutlaus fyrir börn, foreldra og afa og ömmur. Dýrmæt minning um dýrmætan tíma.

Minjabox 270 x 300 x 45mm

Dagbók 250 x 290 x 40mm

Blaðsíður 210 x 285mm 

Designed in Melbourne, Australia.


Presentation Linen cover with matching linen keepsake box. |
Title Gold embossed titles. |
Pages 102 pages. |
Endpaper Endpapers feature artwork. |
Paper 180GSM FSC certified paper. |
Binding Gold electroplate binding. |
FeaturesGuided journal with prompts and without for journaling. |
FeaturesGender neutral for baby and parents. |
We Recommend Using a ball point pen. |
We Recommend Photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos.


Hello Baby Page |
You Have Arrived Page |
About My Parent |
About My Family |
My Home |
My Grandparents |
My Aunts And Uncles |
Pregnancy |
Celebrating Baby Bump |
My Birth Details |
My Birth Story |
My Name |
The Year I Was Born |
My Family Tree |
Hand & Footprints |
One To Twelve Months |
Celebrating Me |
My First Birthday |
My First Vacation |
First Holiday Celebrations |
My First Haircut |
My First Steps |
All My Firsts |
My Teeth |
One To Five Years Old |
Funny Things I Said |
Days To Remember |
Journal |
My Parents Wishes |
A Gift For Me.

Af hverju?

A baby journal is the gift that keeps giving. The time put in to create a baby journal means that in the years to come an heirloom of these special years, lovingly hand written will be passed down to adult children. The act of receiving a personalised handwritten journal that has been kept about your life would be one of the most priceless gifts one could receive. A journal that will be kept with detail referred to throughout many future years. Hand writing also lives on long after people have gone, so these journals can become much loved family heirlooms. |

This journal is guided throughout and is created for non-gender specific baby, parents and grandparents which makes it a perfect baby shower or newborn gift. |

“Baby” comes presented in a luxurious matching linen box lined in matching end paper to the journal. It is bound in gold electroplate wire binding which allows for expansion to home many photos. The pages are also a high end 180GSM thick. |

This journal also features an extra section called Day To Remember for journaling memories created that don’t always fit into a month, year or occasion. It is gender neutral for baby, parents and grandparents and is also neutral for celebrations, making it the perfect journal for any family make up and all families as we all celebrate many different occasions and religious holidays. |

This guided journal will become a cherished keepsake of a treasured time.

dagbók barnsins fyrstu fimm ár barnsins minningar barnsins allt um barnið minningarbók frá write to me