Hatch Collection

HATCH MAMA is devoted to providing non-toxic, mama-safe, feel-good beauty designed to help mamas everywhere overcome the challenges unique to pregnancy. We're here to face the stretch marks, the thinning hair and the sleepless nights with you.

HATCH MAMA Beauty can only be shipped internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the European Union. 

HATCH MAMA Beauty items should be stored out of direct light and in a cool or room temperature setting.  

 How often can I use the Belly Mask?

 For best results, we suggest masking about one to two times a week - but you can absolutely mask as often as you'd like! 

 How much Oil should I apply? 

 We suggest applying the Belly Oil liberally. If your skin is absorbing the oil - it is working! We suggest using as much or little as you would like. 

 In what stage of my pregnancy should I start using HATCH MAMA Beauty Products?

 Our beauty products are wonderful to use through all stages of pregnancy. 

 Are HATCH MAMA Products Non-Toxic and Cruelty Free?

 Our complete line is Non-Toxic, Plant Derived and Cruelty Free. You can read about each product in its entirety on the product page - all indigents are included. 

HATCH Size Chart

First, congrats! Second, let's find you your size. Please note that this chart is our best suggestion for you—there are always exceptions as every woman's body (and pregnancy journey) is different + beautiful in its own right—we've put some pointers together to help you find your best fit.


HOW TO MEASURE: *use a soft tape measure for most accurate measurements Bust: Wearing an unpadded bra (or even better, no bra at all) measure around the fullest part of your bust. Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips under your bump.

HOT TIPS: Your pre-pregnancy size is the best starting point to find your size at HATCH. In between sizes? Size up for a more relaxed fit or down for a more bodycon look. If you’re 5’2” or shorter our Petite (P) sizes are for you—above 5'2", choose O/S.